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Our Digital Discovery Program

At Silicon Graphics, our job is to take your app idea and make it into a usable product. Our first step to achieving this is to evaluate your idea and ensure a proof of concept is demonstrated.

This is done through our digital discovery program. It is a lean startup approach that helps you determine the usability and effectiveness of your mobile app concept.

Basically, this program is divided into the following steps

Visualize Create Test Refine Build or Pivot

How Our Digital Discovery Program Works

With our digital discovery program, your project is typically divided into the following phases or deliverables.

Innovation Workshop

This involves a series of brain storming sessions where we assess business needs and discuss potential app concepts that can fulfill those needs. At the end of this session, we select the best ones (3 to 6) for wire-framing and prototyping. We develop the wire frames within 24 hours using tools like Axure, Balsamiq, etc).


Typically, the prototypes we develop for you are essentially clickable mockups of the proposed app ideas that simulate the actual app’s user experience.

This prototype provides a minimum set of features that your users can try out, using dummy data & simple back end logic.

The feedback gathered from these early adopters determines the next step to take with app development.

Iterate & Finalize UI / UX

Based on this feedback and user experience data, we deliver a final clickable prototype of the app, along with a proposal and architecture for the actual app’s build out.


The decision to develop a usable app is translated into building the complete app and backend for you by our team which we deploy in your production environment.

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