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A Brief History of Minutes

Minutes brings you a quick fix repair service as well as wide range of products and devices. Minutes is always on the lookout to maintain the finest details of repair care while mastering the art of fixing a product which has been shattered losing its beauty. Minutes does not just get the task accomplished for you, but also takes care of the intricacy of your precious belongings. Silicon Graphics has worked for Minutes to take the business to new heights while reaching to maximum followers through the virtual world.

Their Vision, Our Aim

The Vision of Minutes backed up with their promise to deliver nothing but the best has been in the industry since a period of thirty-five years. Their vision was to gauge maximum audience, fulfill their needs and to reach to their clientele via online promotion. The business needed a boost in its existing traditional ways of dealing with its clientele. This was taken up by Silicon Graphics as an aim to help them meet their ultimate vision to reach maximum clients through online platforms.


  • Web Application
The Challenge

The Challenge was to project the physical existence of the brand with the same intensity on the online platforms at our disposal as in the real world. The challenge was to increase the online following of the brand so that the business was optimized to connect to every segment of its audience.

User Interface

When it comes to User Interface, Silicon Graphics strongly believes that a user interface design is not just a tool for business to gain more popularity among the masses but is an essential craft which forms the user’s judgement on the basis of usability and likeability. Silicon Graphics took up the task of creating an illusion for the users in a way that while they interact with the device, the process seems smooth and effortless. Silicon Graphics left no stone unturned in creating the most attractive and intricate graphics covering minute details so that the customers can get the very feel of the artsy brand and its excellence.

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Key Functionalities

1Order Management System

Silicon Graphics understands the needs of online business and the need to optimize it through a well-developed order management system. When it comes to ordering from your favorite brand, we believe that it should see no bound of location, hence we helped the brand to optimize their ordering mechanism to bring their clientele’s favorite brand at the doorstep. This is why we developed a complete Order Management System for Minutes and optimized the business catering an online ordering mechanism for their clientele making it as smooth as just One Touch away from their favorite customers and services.

Key Functionalities

2Search Engine Optimization:

When it comes to Search Engine Optimization, locking in digital strategies leads to fulfilled goals. Our client was determined to understand the channel and its meaning for their business. We utilized Search Engine Optimization to multiply the followers and hence the website has started performing at its ultimate best level yielding excellent results in terms of organic growth which is a major metric when it comes to measuring the performance of traffic generating channels. Search Engine Optimization has been one part of strengthening the online presence for Minutes but has played a worthy part to highlight the brand while not hurting the aesthetics of the brand in the race of rankings.

Key Functionalities

3Social Media Marketing:

Social Media was an important factor to cater this challenge. In this era where social media has made its way to our lives and is more integrated than any other platform it would have been unfair to the brand if this tool would have been neglected. Hence, we did not miss out on including one of the most effective through which we could effectively show cast the latest work by this fine brand.

Key Functionalities

4Hitting the ultimate level of success

The challenge was to multiply their existing online presence and provide Minutes with a staunch platform to reach out to their followers while connecting to every faction of the society. The major challenge was to provide this versatile brand with the correct exposure to express the artsy nature of the business itself while keeping a check and balance with the frequent posting on social media strengthening the online presence. The Social Media page has a huge number of followers who are enlightened 24/7 about the latest work of the brand along with giving an insight of the future aims and ambitions of Minutes. The Social Media along with the website caters an overall insight of the brand which serves as a tool to educate the clientele while keeping the brand’s online game strong.

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We are also providing Application Maintenance services to satisfy your ever-growing requirements as your business expands...


We are also providing Application Maintenance services to satisfy your ever-growing requirements as your business expands...

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We are also providing Application Maintenance services to satisfy your ever-growing requirements as your business expands...

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